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Let’s tell your story! Services include research, writing, pitching and placing a story. Kathryn has solid media contacts. She can place stories in national & regional TV, print, online. Or both!

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Kathryn is a charming and convincing spokesperson with 17 years experience in national and local press. She has experience speaking publicly about hundreds of brands and lights up in front of a camera.

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Content Creation

Kathryn is a writer by passion and an editor by trade. She knows how to tell a brand’s story, and has told hundreds. She will evoke passion, create sentiment and inspire readers.  She can drive an engaging digital marketing & social media campaign.

Media Training

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Media Training

Being quoted correctly in press is an art. Kathryn is a master of this craft. She has media trained hundreds of executives for TV, and can lead an intensive one-on-one session, and also offers immersive group training.  

Kathryn Emery will ...

get you in the press, train you to talk to press, and/or represent your brand as a spokesperson in the press. She will get brands noticed by identifying and telling their stories. She is a writer & a story teller. It’s about creating buzz & knowing trends. She’s been identifying & creating trends for 17 years in the retail world.
Kathryn will inspire viewers/readers to take the action by showing them how.

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About Kathryn Emery

Kathryn started her career in the press as a magazine editor and learned early on, what it takes to tell a great story. In 2001, she established her career in home improvement inside the largest home improvement retailer in the world, Home Depot, where she guided product story telling in the public relations department. Kathryn identified trends and created stories around new products, innovation, seasons, how-to for close to two decades. She has identified and watched trends evolve, and has a knack for predicting new ones.  .

Kathryn enjoys and has constructed narrative for products/trends throughout all topics related to the home, including but not limited to fads in paint, kitchen, bath, flooring, organization, outdoor living, gardening, smart home, holidays, safety & security. She is passionate about sustainability at home, and with the latest product innovations, she has watched evolve; can show people how to be green, save green, without compromising style. She also knows what projects will increase the value of a home, and enhance the ambiance.

Kathryn has placed hundreds of national stories for Home Depot utilizing voices of executives she media trained, writing all of the messaging behind the story. She also managed regional TV for the entire country and has secured segments in more than 125 media markets nationwide, including writing the story, pitching & placing the story, identifying a local store associate, writing their talking points (ensuring they are hands on and instructional, very engaging) and media training them for the TV spot.

In 2018, Kathryn launched Kathryn Emery PR a Public Relations Consulting Firm aimed at telling the stories of inventive, industry leading brands. She herself has been appearing on TV and performing print interviews her entire career, and is an excellent source for a home improvement or lifestyle related story. She represents brands with great stories to tell, and products that will enhance everyday life.